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According to market research insights, the global multi-carrier shipping software market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period between 2024 and 2031. In 2024, the market is growing steadily, and with the increasing adoption of strategies by key players, the market is also expected to exceed the projected horizon. 

multi-carrier shipping software

Multi-carrier shipping, or using multiple carriers to deliver packages, is becoming increasingly popular among businesses with dynamic shipping needs.

What is Multi-carrier shipping software?

Multi-carrier shipping or transportation management systems (TMS) are increasingly popular in logistics management. They allow companies to automate their shipping process and reduce costs by selecting the optimal, cost-effective transportation period or sustainable carrier for each shipment.  

By analyzing various factors and comparing them with predefined parameters, the multi-carrier management software allows businesses to make informed decisions, ensuring efficient and profitable shipping operations.

Multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions offer advanced optimization features that help companies reduce transit times and improve customer service. Features such as tracking, management, and rate comparison, as well as integration with other platforms. Multi-carrier shipping software is essential for businesses that optimize and manage order fulfilment with multiple carriers. 

Must-have features of Multi-carrier shipping software.

Multi-carrier shipping software solutions have important features that can help grow online stores. These can reduce the potential complexity of shipping with multiple carriers while allowing the user to compare the value of the service. 

Here is a list of features that iWebwiser offers in multi-carrier shipping software development services:

  1. Provide a tool to compare shipping costs from various carriers or service providers.
  2. Enable the creation of shipping labels directly from your platform.
  3. Include features such as batch processing for bulk shipments.
  4. Implement real-time tracking of shipments.
  5. Reporting tools to track shipping metrics such as delivery times, carrier performance, and shipping costs.
  6. Provide detailed reports on shipping costs, delivery times, and any incidents.
  7. Set up alerts for delays or issues with shipments.
  8. Offer a centralized dashboard for managing shipments and orders.
  9. Integrate with e-commerce platforms to ensure seamless order processing.
  10. Provide transparent cost breakdowns to users.
  11. Support multiple shipping carriers and logistics operators.
  12. Automate label generation, tracking updates, and communication with carriers.
  13. Implement rules and triggers for automatic routing and decision-making.

Benefits of multi-carrier shipping software for your business.

Now that we understand what multi-carrier shipping software is and the must-have features of multi-carrier management software to manage and expand your business efficiently. Let’s explore the benefits that businesses need to have a good multi-carrier shipping system in today’s competitive environment.

1. Reduce Costs

Multi-carrier shipping software allows you to compare shipping costs from multiple carriers to find the most cost-effective shipping options. This potential for cost savings can significantly impact your bottom line. 

Also, this type of multi-carrier management software is designed to help carriers manage the complexities of working with multiple carriers, allowing them to focus on providing superior service to their customers while minimizing costs.

2. Increase Efficiency

By automating your shipping process, you can save time and reduce costs. As you grow your business, having an efficient shipping processing system to keep up with rapid growth can be crucial. Customers can be informed if everything can be done faster, and orders can be delivered sooner. 

Multi-carrier shipping software automates manual processes so you can focus on other important tasks without worrying about potential mishaps. The multi-carrier management system also saves money and time that can be reinvested in other tasks, thus stimulating growth.

3. Improved Customer Service

By providing tracking numbers instantly, customers can be sure their order has been processed and is on its way. Multi-carrier management software that brings all your tracking information into a single portal ensures you share accurate shipping information and delivery estimates. 

It improves customer satisfaction while reducing customer service reports. This allows you to spend more time with customers who need to communicate with you and require more personalized service.

4. Optimized Shipping Process

Streamlining the shipping process through automation and providing a unified interface for managing shipping orders can help reduce the risk of errors. Simple errors like an incorrect address on a shipping label can negatively impact and delay the delivery date. A multi-carrier parcel shipping solution can help you increase your on-time delivery rate, increase customer satisfaction, and generate greater sales through customer loyalty. 

5. Improved Monitoring & Reporting

Being transparent with customers throughout the shipping process can help reduce delivery stress and build trust in your online store’s brand. Sending proactive order tracking notifications can help increase this trust even further based on the real-time tracking information this multi-carrier management system can provide. Reporting tools can also help you make informed decisions when optimizing your shipping strategy for the future.

6. Order Management

Using a multi-carrier parcel shipping solution to deliver orders to end customers across multiple sales channels can quickly create a complex web of order statuses. By consolidating all your orders and carriers into a single dashboard, you can efficiently manage shipping operations, allowing eCommerce entrepreneurs to focus on increasing sales.

7. Improved Data Management

While having all your open orders in one place can increase Efficiency, a database of past orders can be a useful analysis tool. Storing and organizing shipping data can help online businesses track the effectiveness of different shipping solutions, allowing them to optimize and improve their processes over time. 

8. Scalability

The multi-carrier shipping software can be easily adapted to meet the needs of a growing online store. A wide range of destination countries, carriers, and features can help you scale your store, especially if you want to start shipping internationally. As supply chains become more global, a multi-carrier parcel shipping solution that reduces paperwork can help you grow your business.

Multi-Carrier Software Development with iWebwiser.

In today’s competitive environment, efficient shipping is not just an option but a necessity. By optimizing your shipping processes with multi-carrier shipping software development, you can stay ahead of the competition, reduce costs, and provide a superior customer experience.

You may wonder where to find a reliable multi-carrier shipping software development partner. iWebwiser develops a Comprehensive, fully integrated, web-based, multi-carrier parcel shipping solution that gives you a simple and flexible shipping strategy. This can also be useful for printing labels, tracking, and other important documents. 

With iWebwiser, you can develop multi-carrier management software to efficiently manage and expand your business. So, to take your shipping operations to the next level, it’s time to explore the world of multi-carrier shipping software with iWebwiser.


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  • Q: What does multi-carrier shipping mean?

    A: Multi-carrier shipping is a term that indicates that an e-commerce company has selected multiple partner carriers to handle its shipping operations. This usually occurs when order volume increases so much that a single operator cannot handle it alone or when an e-commerce company decides to expand its services to more PINs and, therefore, requires the reach of multiple operators.

  • Q: How is multi-carrier shipping different from single-carrier shipping?

    A: Multi-carrier shipping uses multiple carriers to deliver packages, allowing businesses to optimize costs and delivery times. On the other hand, when shipping with a single carrier, all shipments depend on a single carrier, which limits flexibility.

  • Q: What challenges does implementing multi-carrier shipping software pose?

    A: The complexity of integration, technological requirements, and effective management pose major challenges. Coordinating multiple network operators and managing different APIs requires robust systems and protocols for seamless implementation.

  • Q: How does multi-carrier shipping software work?

    A: Multi-carrier shipping system allows an e-commerce company to integrate its system with multi-carrier API integrations. All order tracking updates are sent to one place for viewing. These API integrations also help display, store, and analyze other order information to improve the shipping operations of courier companies.

  • Q: How do you choose the best multi-carrier parcel shipping solution?

    A: Consider ease of maintenance, logistics services, integration, visibility, and costs, and maintain open communication with the selected partner to achieve optimal results. Your multi-carrier management system should align with your business priorities and ensure efficient order processing and customer satisfaction.

  • Q: What are the benefits of multi-carrier shipping software?

    A: The most compelling benefit of a multi-carrier parcel shipping solution is the ability to simultaneously compare rates and transit times from all carriers, large and small, worldwide. Other benefits include discounted rates through master account access, shipment tracking services, simplified returns, and data and analytics dashboards to track shipping costs and other business metrics.

  • Q: What are the advantages of iWebwiser’s multi-carrier shipping software development services?

    A: When you get iWebwiser’s software development services, you get the must-have features of a multi-carrier shipping system along with an experienced team of developers that is a quality-oriented team with an innovative approach and provides 24/7 support services in an emergency.

  • Q: Why do I need multi-carrier management software for my eCommerce business?

    A: If you work with multiple shipping partners, you need multi-carrier management software. Without such software, you must manage your orders individually through the respective shipping partners’ platforms. Multi-carrier shipping software’s primary benefit is enabling effective and efficient order management, promoting maximum order fulfilment.

  • Q: Does your multi-carrier shipping software come with support systems?

    A: Yes, We provide support services for multi-carrier management software even after implementing it successfully. We also help maintain and implant changes in multi-carrier parcel shipping solutions if needed.

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