12 Critical Features of Courier Delivery App Development

Courier services have become increasingly popular because of recent technical improvements allowing for speedy delivery. 

According to Mordor Intelligence, Courier, and Parcel (CEP), the market size is estimated to be USD 457.38 billion in 2023. It is expected to reach USD 758.17 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.64% during the forecast period (2023–2028).

courier delivery app development company

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In this increasingly competitive market, having a reliable courier delivery app has become crucial, and we can’t ignore the fact that most things are now done digitally.

The main reasons behind the exponential changes in courier services are technological advancement and increasing customer demand. Users are addicted to mobile applications to carry out daily activities like ordering food, booking tickets, shopping, and much more.

Courier companies worldwide are increasingly becoming integral to this modern trade, integrating logistics into operational or functional activities with the best courier app development company.

Courier Delivery App Development 

In today’s fast-paced world, every customer wants their product to be delivered safely, at the right time, to the right place, and at an affordable price. That is why several startups or companies consider availing courier delivery app development services at a reasonable cost.

Modern technology has automated the courier delivery process, making it more beneficial to business owners and customers. With a mobile app that collects and stores all delivery updates, delivery businesses can easily manage complex logistics and parcel shipping operations.


Live tracking, cheap costs, contactless delivery, fast payment, and 24/7 support are why courier delivery app development is becoming increasingly popular. This gives courier companies a competitive advantage for growth. A typical on-demand courier delivery app offers users a convenient way to track their packages in real time from the day they place the order until they reach their destination.

Before developing your courier delivery app, you must know the critical features of the app. So you get the best courier delivery app according to your requirements.

This blog covers the 12 critical features of courier delivery app development so you can read them out and get an idea of the features you must get for your app.

12 Critical Features of Best Courier Delivery App Development.

1. Electronic Signature

Our experienced courier app developers provide this functionality and collect electronic signatures from customers after package delivery to resolve the billing issue.

2. Cost Calculator

A cost calculator is essential for any courier delivery app. This calculator lets customers calculate package and shipping costs through the app. That allows for transparent pricing. With the best courier delivery app development company, you get the benefits of these essential features for your courier delivery app.

3. Reserve The Package

Users can select the pick-up and drop-off location to book package delivery. This makes their job easier as they can track your package as well. Our best courier delivery app development service comes with this feature.

4. Multiple Packaging Options

Customers must have access to the different packaging options available on the market. This feature ensures that users’ packages are safe during shipping. It is essential to indicate the cost of each packaging type based on the box size.

5. Premium Delivery Option

Including this feature will make your courier delivery app unique and specialized. For customers who want fast courier service, you can offer premium delivery. The functionality of these on-demand courier delivery apps may also include same-day delivery. You can also apply shipping discounts through this tool. Our courier delivery app development service provides all these features so that we can be your one-stop solution.

6. Real-time Tracking

It is one of the main advantages of combining GPS and mapping. This feature is a great help for users, administrators, and delivery drivers. It can also help find drivers based on their availability and location. It also allows users to determine their exact location with unparalleled precision. Since it is a time-saving feature, we provide this in our courier delivery app development service.

7 Notifications

As a leading app development company offering the best courier delivery app development service, we provide this feature so you can notify your customers about the courier delivery status via SMS or Email.

8. Payment Method

As the best courier delivery app development company, we offer our clients the ability to integrate custom payment gateways into the acquired technology stack, enabling an excellent checkout process. Users now have several convenient and secure options to make payments using their preferred method through the courier delivery app. We make the checkout process as simple as possible so customers can complete it quickly.

9. Currency Exchange

We support currency exchange functionality in the courier delivery app development to give users more flexibility to pay for deliveries they requested through the app or dashboard. The currency conversion feature helps providers expand their businesses across multiple countries and manually manage exchange rates for courier delivery services using the latest algorithm. This is an advantage for the courier company that offers international shipping services.

10. Language Change

Developers facilitate multilingualism to ensure an exceptional user experience on the website. Voice integration functionality allows business owners to extend their brand to multiple regions with a single system. That is why it is one of the crucial features for international shipping companies. We serve the needs of your business by offering you our best courier delivery application development service.

11. Establish Approval of Recommendations.

Integrating referral exchange with peer-to-peer courier delivery applications ensures fast and transparent business promotion. Users receive a specific bonus if they share the referral code with friends. Rewards make users want to communicate through the app to receive more bonuses and rewards.

12. Help & Support

It is one of the most critical features of the messaging app. Suppose a user needs assistance or cannot contact an administrator, whether due to a delay in delivery service, incorrect delivery by courier, etc., customers can immediately contact support services for all these reasons. This feature makes the app user-friendly.

Why should you Choose iWebwiser for courier delivery app development service?

As the best courier delivery app development company, our development process includes transformative measures that combine creativity and development strategy with the right technology.

100% Customizable

Our developers provide ready-to-use courier delivery app solutions that can be completely customized to meet your needs, along with the source code of your courier delivery app. Customising the app requires less time and effort.

Interactive Interface

As the best courier delivery app development company, we keep the customer and delivery panel in mind and offer a more responsive and feature-rich user interface.

White Label Solutions

Our courier delivery app developers provide white-label delivery app development services that allow business owners to place their company name, logo, and other elements on these solutions.

Latest Tools & Technologies

With the right development strategy, our developers use modern tools and technologies to make solutions compatible with any device. Our solutions provide a fantastic user experience with our best courier delivery app development service.

Secure Infrastructure

Our courier delivery app development solutions have a robust and secure infrastructure followed by strict IT security policies, so you don’t have to worry about network security.

24/7 Support

We offer support for all three phases: pre-development, development, and post-development. Post-development support is provided 24/7 so we can solve any technical issues you may face.


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  • Q: How much does a courier delivery app development service cost?

    A: The cost structure of developing a courier delivery app depends on several factors, including advanced features, modern app designs, and more. However, you can contact us, and our team will provide the necessary details.

  • Q: Can I add multiple delivery providers to the platform?

    A: There is no specific limit for adding delivery partners in the courier delivery app so customers can add multiple delivery providers based on their business needs.

  • Q: Can multiple payment gateways be integrated into the platform?

    A: Our courier delivery app development service offers multiple payment gateways. We can select the payment gateway integration according to your requirements.

  • Q: Why should I use iWebwiser’s courier delivery app development service?

    A: We are known as the best courier delivery app development company; we do not compromise quality. Our developed courier delivery app solutions are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to strengthen your business in the global market. We offer unique app features to make it popular among users as well.

  • Q: Does your courier delivery app development support multilingualism?

    A: Yes, our courier delivery app development service is multilingual and helps you easily localize your apps to offer your customers a personalized experience and reach more markets.

  • Q: How do people discover my courier delivery app?

    A: This is easy to do when marketing your app. We connect you with our professional ASO and SEO experts for all your marketing needs.

  • Q: Can your courier delivery app developers make changes to my courier delivery application after launch?

    A: We can make necessary changes to your app even after launch.

  • Q: What are the benefits of getting services from the best courier delivery app development company?

    A: iWebwiser’s best courier delivery app development service helps businesses automate orders and simplify order management, tracking, and delivery with easy online payment capture. Features like delivery alerts, premium delivery, help & support, etc., help build customer loyalty and increase sales.

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