11 Reasons: Being Best Courier Service in India.

Are you seeking the best courier services in India that send personal or professional couriers?

Fast Express is the most trusted courier services company that provides the best courier services in India, as we have earned the trust of our customers with our safe, reliable, and timely services, thus securing the position of the best international courier services company in India.

With a reach of 29,000+ pin codes in India and 220+ countries worldwide with 17+ courier partners, Fast Express has a global network. We have a network of 500+ franchises across India. We offer the fastest courier services in India and an excellent logistics network with our high-quality offices and distribution facilities managed by dedicated teams of world-class experts. We are well-versed in this area.


We deal with e-commerce booking, document booking, parcel delivery express services, and B2B services for heavy shipments. We provide our customers with accessible and express delivery services to send packages worldwide. We are available to our customers 24/7 for the best international courier services in India. Let’s start with our best courier services in India to save time and money.

Types of Courier Services Fast Express Provide.

1. Same Day Services.

Our same day courier services deliver packages within about 6 hours. We pick up packages before noon so we can deliver them by the afternoon. Fast Express is the leading courier services company that provides the best courier services in India.

Route optimization is one of the most challenging aspects of Same Day Delivery, so route planning and optimization are vital. Fast Express meets the requirements, so the courier service cost can be significantly reduced.

2. Express Services.

Our express delivery services are the fastest way to send a package but are not the cheapest. This is because express packages are flown by airplane for most of the journey. As a result, packages are delivered within 24-72 hours. By contrast, standard shipping trucks your parcel from the sender to the recipient, taking much longer.

Our express delivery services come with a delivery guarantee. Our express delivery services satisfy time-sensitive needs for our customers, and there is an expedited delivery option in the checkout experience.

3. International Services.

Our best international courier services are perfect for those looking to ship an item internationally to a different country. Besides helping you ship your items, Fast Express, which provides the best international courier service, can help you determine the governmental jurisdiction restrictions. We also help you learn the size and weight regulations and restricted items so that you don’t get in trouble with customs.

Here are The 11 Reasons We Provide The Best Courier Services in India.

Our best courier service in India can benefit your business in many ways, from fast deliveries to global connections. Our customers want to get their package and be included, so we deliver efficient and fastest courier services in India.

1. Fast and secure deliveries.

Our Best courier services in India guarantee fast, safe and hassle-free deliveries. Known for their speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness, our services allow customers to track their packages online and receive real-time updates on their location. This transparency will enable recipients to accurately predict the package’s arrival time at the specified destination. Our best courier services in India offer a variety of delivery alternatives, like same day courier services, best international courier services and express delivery services tailored to individual preferences or business requirements.

2. Guarantee confidentiality.

One of the great benefits of our best courier services in India is peace of mind: confidential documents remain safe from pickup to delivery. Couriers are subject to background checks by local authorities to ensure they are trustworthy and understand the sensitivity of transmitting sensitive data, including financial and personal information such as social security numbers. Each driver is carefully trained in handling such items during transportation to avoid possible errors due to inexperience or lack of training.

3. Punctuality.

Speed is essential in today’s fast-paced world. While next-day delivery has become the norm, some companies and individuals demand even faster receipt of goods. So our courier service company offers same day courier services or even hourly deliveries to meet urgent needs. This is especially true for medical, legal, and business-critical deliveries, where the usual 24-hour delivery time cannot be met. Our fastest courier services in India are invaluable in expediting these deliveries and serve various establishments, including retail stores, offices, factories and hospitals.

4. Reliability.

The main reason to use our best courier services in India is its reliability. The biggest concern is that the packages reach their destination intact and in good condition. Fast Express is recognized for our professionalism and being an excellent business partner. Our team sensitively handles fragile items such as electronics and glassware, ensuring safe passage without compromising the integrity of the contents. We earned a reputation for providing reliable and fastest courier services in India by strictly tracking packages and proactively tracking delivery issues.

5. Profitability.

Hiring Fast Express, which provides India’s best courier services, can strategically reduce shipping costs. You can save money by preceding the high prices of some compact but efficient shipping companies. This practical decision affects not only shipping costs but also packaging costs. Additionally, our fastest courier services in India speed up deliveries and often outperform large shipping companies in terms of speed. You can maximize savings with competitive pricing and shipping discounts, making this option cost-effective.

6. Custom Planning.

Using our best courier services in India offers the benefit of personalized planning. Fast Express facilitates delivery according to your wishes. It allows the possibility of making multiple deliveries on different days and times. Our strategic approach ensures that your shipments are delivered on time, according to your operational plan. You can also choose from our other courier services like same day, international, and express services according to your requirements and get the fastest courier services in India.

7. Complete Tracking.

Fast Express’s ability to track shipments is a crucial advantage of the best courier services in India. You can track your packages from the time of pickup to final delivery. Our reliable courier services adopted solid and advanced tracking systems. Our fastest courier services in India ensure accurate and timely deliveries by providing real-time updates and notifications. This functionality is critical to detect delays during transportation and allow us immediate corrective actions.

8. Guaranteed on-time deliveries.

Fast Express courier service’s core value is its dedication to punctuality. Hiring our courier service company means you implicitly trust that deliveries will be made on time. And our fastest courier services in India will not let you down. In the rare cases where delays occur due to external factors such as traffic or weather, couriers communicate proactively, eliminating confusion about the package’s location. Our team maintains transparent communication even in unforeseen circumstances that result in missed deadlines. It informs our customers at least once every hour until the successful delivery.

9. Easy to Handle.

Not only will you receive secure, affordable, timely and fastest services, but hiring Fast Express, which provides the best courier service in India, like on-demand courier, is also incredibly easy. We know you’re busy, so we won’t make you climb over baskets and obstacles. To request a service, select the service you need, enter the required pickup and delivery information, and prepare your package. Our fastest courier services in India give business owners the convenience they deserve when conducting business. When you request a service, we consider ourselves business partners and never take it lightly. That’s why we make it easy for you to focus on what’s important: managing your business.

10. Greater customer satisfaction.

A successful business depends on the foundation of customer satisfaction. By ensuring safe and timely delivery of products, our best courier services in India help maintain Fast Express’ reputation for efficiency and reliability. Additionally, We streamline supply chains and skillfully manage important documents, representing a secret partnership that strengthens our company’s reputation and fosters customer loyalty and expansion. 

11. 24/7 Customer Support.

When you hire Fast Express’s best courier services in India, you get guaranteed 24/7 customer service. Unforeseeable circumstances can arise anytime, and support access is no longer negotiable. Whether troubleshooting delivery issues or tracking packages in real-time, access to 24/7 support ensures smooth navigation through potential challenges, especially when managing multiple shipments in different periods.

In short, Fast Express courier services offer many advantages for efficient and secure package delivery. The combination of reliable and fastest courier services in India, cost-effective solutions, and impeccable customer service makes Fast Express an essential partner for businesses seeking top-notch courier delivery solutions.

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We offer our customers the best courier services in India and provide a solution fully tailored to their delivery needs. From same day services in our small vans to large deliveries in our dedicated semi-truck for your business, we aim to provide excellent service at a fair price. Looking further, We also offers the best international courier services.


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